We can help you find new profitable businesses
By looking beyond norms and putting new customers in centre of your companies business strategy, product development and marketing we can help you find new profitable business. We always work with a holistic perspective and with the customer with us in every step – from product development and marketing to sale and service.

What can we do for you
- Analysis
We can help you with anything from overall to more deep-going analyzes. By looking at where you are now we can show you new and possible ways to go forward. It can be looking at a new customer group with business potentail and find their specific needs. But it can also be that we look into new solutions by using user driven innovation. It can be analysing how a product or service should be sold or postioned at the market. We have great experience in doing deep customer surveys where you can get answers you never thought you would.

– Project management
We’ve worked with everything from conceptuall project to produkt development project. We have great experience and we like to develope DEMONSTRATORER so that we quickly can get new solutions to the market and communication…

Contact us and we can tell you more about what we do and how we can help your Company to discover new profitable business.

Our lectures is a popular way to start an conference or a strategy meeting. It gives all the participens a common frame work and it’s an easy way to get the participens to start thinking our side the box. Here you find some of our lectures:

- Innovation – add with out exclude
The purpose of this lecture is to give the opportunity to increase insight and for your company to be able to see the potentail in targeting new customer groups. With out losing your excisting.

- Inspirational lecture – all customer aren’t white middle aged men
We take of in Volvos concept car YCC and from there look into some of the new, fast growing and strong customer groups (PURCHASING POWER) We’ll give exempel on how to work with this questions from diffrent industries and countries with in both B2B and B2C.